First Interview

melchoyce: First — in general, how often do you write new posts?

saltcod: I’m probably a different use-case for PressThis. I use it on this bookmarking site
saltcod: Some days I don’t create any bookmarks, some days I’ll create 20. So I use it a far bit

melchoyce: Oh, cool — kind of like a person replacement for delicious?

saltcod: Exactly. That’s when I started it

melchoyce: Nice. And you use Press This exclusively for that?

saltcod: yeah. That’s the only way I’ve created a post on that site

melchoyce: Is it just links, or do you ever include any kind of media?

saltcod: Just links

melchoyce: Can you walk me through your process of adding a link to that site? From “oh hey I just found this thing” to “published”

saltcod: [ Here’s the theme if you’re interested….. ]
saltcod: I’ve got the bookmarklet in that bar in chrome, and so when I want to bookmark the site I’m on, I’ll click that, tag it and I’m done

melchoyce: How long does that usually take you?

saltcod: It’s a different use case for sure. That probaly takes me 5 seconds maybe?

melchoyce: Nice 🙂 Do you ever add anything other than tags? (categories, etc.)

saltcod: Interestingly, I use it daily for bookmarks, but have never ever used it for any of my other sites
saltcod: Just the tags for this site

melchoyce: Do you always publish it immediately, or do you ever schedule or save as a draft and publish later?

saltcod: Immediately

melchoyce: Cool
melchoyce: Do you have a smartphone, and if yes, do you ever use it to add links to this site?

saltcod: Does anyone actually use it for publishing?

melchoyce: I’m not if anyone uses it for longform

saltcod: I tried to use it for bookmarking on my iPhone, but it was too clunky
saltcod: The Add To Reading list was just more convenient so it won out

melchoyce: But I’ve learned never to exclude anything someone *might* do, because there’s always one person, haha

saltcod: true true true

melchoyce: Add to reading list?

saltcod: In mobile Safari — it’s hooked up to all the apps

melchoyce: Ah, okay

saltcod: in twitter or HN or whatever, I can always add to reading list
saltcod: then I’ll comb through those later
saltcod: I’d love to be able to easily make bookmarks through pressthis on my phone though

melchoyce: What was the process like, trying to use Press This on your phone? (If you remember)

saltcod: I don’t actually. But I remember trying to use that, and then trying to use the app, but neither was convenient enough

melchoyce: Cool cool
melchoyce: That’s all the questions I have. Thanks! 🙂

saltcod: done and done!