Fourth Interview

melchoyce: First of all, Press This aside, how often do you write posts?

hearvox: Past year, a couple times a month. Prev yrs, several times weekly.

melchoyce: Any reason for the change?
melchoyce: (You can also not answer that if you’d like)

hearvox: More coding than writing lately. I do public radio and we had an NPR series that required frequent promo/uptaes/new episode posts.

melchoyce: Ah, okay
melchoyce: What kind of things do you write or blog about?

hearvox: Pubmic media in general, things related to our pubmedia programs, and tech issues related to pubmedia. Also a lot of edu/pubmedia things lately.
hearvox: Should say: mainly but other sirtes too.
hearvox: “sites”

melchoyce: How long are these posts, on average? Short (0-1 paragraphs), medium (3-5) or long (5+)?

hearvox: Rarely <5 grafs, so “long” by that criteria.

melchoyce: Cool 🙂 How often do you use Press This when writing those posts?

hearvox: When I first started w/ WP (2007 vers2) I almost always used Press This for a post. But I found I needed to grab >1 URL for articles so fashioned a vers of Press This to do that. Over time I started using my vers more than WP’s. But about 1 out of 10 posts, when all I need is a single URL, and esp. when I want to use that img grabber, I still use Press This. (Plus, I show lots of other bloggers/writers how to use it.)

melchoyce: Can you talk to me a bit more about your customized version of Press This?
melchoyce: Specifically, what’s your process look like using your version, vs. the original Press This?

hearvox: It’s mainly just the form from Press This with the basic grab: URL/selection functions. And it’s based on an ancient vers of Press This. It’s
hearvox: And I just make a bookmark in my browser with:
hearvox: javascript:var%20d=document,w=window,e=w.getSelection,k=d.getSelection,x=d.selection,s=(e?e():(k)?k():(x?x.createRange().text:0)),f=’’,l=d.location,e=encodeURIComponent,u=f+’?u=’+e(l.href)+’&t=’+e(d.title)+’&s=’+e(s)+’&v=4′;a=function()%7Bif(!,’t’,’toolbar=0,resizable=1,scrollbars=1,status=1,width=720,height=570′))l.href=u;%7D;if%20(/Firefox/.test(navigator.userAgent))%20a();void(0)
hearvox: The main diff is, unlike Press This, it launches a new window when used again, vs replacing the contents of current win, as PT does. Thus I can grab multiple URLs easier.

melchoyce: So it keeps launching the same post until you publish?

hearvox: None of the publishing functions are in my vers. Just PT URL/selection/HTML-anchor-forming tools — which I just copy&paste into the already open draft of post as I build article. (Is that clear at all?)
hearvox: Ie, it’s just a URL/HTML-building tool, lifted from how PT did it.
hearvox: But if PT could accept mulitple URLs before publishing, I’d use that instead.

melchoyce: I think I understand

hearvox: Ie, it’s the rare artcile that needs just one URL for us.

melchoyce: Do you have an example of one of those offhand?

hearvox: A typical post for us has many URLs, all which need to be in HTML:

melchoyce: Cool, thanks


melchoyce: So you use it for media embeds as well as links?

hearvox: I savce the links to media in the textarea along with the HTML link and any slected quotes, as I build the article. Then when thru w/ that URL I copy the textarea text into the draft post and move onto any other URL from which I need URL, media, img, quote, etc. Kind of hacky, but quick way to build links to media and URLs.

melchoyce: How long does that usually end up taking you?

hearvox: The URL/selection grabbing process is really quick. Its PT w/o any of the pub/img tools, so happens fast.
hearvox: But, again, if PT had an “Add another URL” option, dat’d be da bomb.

melchoyce: Do you ever try to do any of this from a smartphone?

hearvox: And — to get totally crazy — say it also had WP new media prevu embed players: whoa.

melchoyce: 🙂

hearvox: No, never from smartphone. Always desktop or laptop.

melchoyce: That would definitely be one of our goals — trying to get it up to date with the rest of WordPress
melchoyce: Do you do any blogging from your phone, or use the WordPress mobile apps?

hearvox: Rarely blog from phone or pad, tho I have checked out both the app and the web-mobile vers of WP and they’re really slick. Never used PT from either phone or pad tho.