Press This Objectives

@folletto mentioned, which I completely agree with:

In terms of principle, I’d say that we are aiming for:
* Automate as much as possible
* Fast 1, as start-to-end journey
* Fast 2, as technical speed of execution

We’ve discussed making Press This functions as a web app, a Chrome extension, and as the bookmarklet.

I would like the web app to really focus on really quick posts and photo/video upload.

For the bookmarklet/Chrome extension, we could get pretty creative with content scraping. It currently does alright with links, YouTube, and images from websites (although the images are in a hidden spot). I also want it to be a really light version of the editor. The process of scraping/selection/writing should be super efficient and clear. I also want to take advantage of feature detection and build in the ability snap a photo with a webcam or possibly add geolocation of some sort.

I want all three to support Markdown. Markdown is a very efficient way to write content on touch screens and doesn’t rely on highlighting content to use the WYSIWYG toolbars.