Second Interview

melchoyce: First off, Press This aside, how often do you write posts?

jazzs3quence: prolly every couple weeks

melchoyce: What kinds of things do you write or blog about?

jazzs3quence: i write about geeky stuff, i write about plugins/projects i’m working on. i have another site on wpcom where i write about soccer and another nother site where i write exclusively about music (though not very often)

melchoyce: Nice. 🙂 Are your posts usually shorter (0-2 paragraphs), medium (3-5 paragraphs), or longer (5+ paragraphs)?

jazzs3quence: longer
jazzs3quence: hence writing less frequently 🙂

melchoyce: Haha yeah
melchoyce: Hard to write frequently when you end up writing a lot at once
melchoyce: How often do you use Press This to write your posts?
melchoyce: (or even just start posts)

jazzs3quence: often enough that i can say that i use it, but it’s probably one in every five posts or so

melchoyce: What kind of things do you use Press This for? (links, images, video, etc.)

jazzs3quence: all three of those
jazzs3quence: not really much else
jazzs3quence: usually just to share stuff i come across
jazzs3quence: so, mostly for post-format-worthy stuff

melchoyce: Can you walk me through your process when you compose a post with Press This? From “oh hey I just found this thing” to “published”

jazzs3quence: okay, well there’s two scenarios that are probably the most frequent…
jazzs3quence: scenario a) i’ve found an image on some site that i want to share
jazzs3quence: “hey, i want to post that on my site”, hit press this, go into the add media tool thingie, find the image from the page that’s the one I want to share, insert, maybe write a few sentences about it. slap a category/tags on it, set the post format to image and publish.
jazzs3quence: scenario b) I found a link/quote/article I want to share
jazzs3quence: hit press this. If it’s a link it’s already there, but usually I’ll change the link text and the title from what press this sets (actually, i do that for images, too…missing step). Maybe write a little bit about it, but probably not much. apply cats, tags, post format, publish.

melchoyce: How long does that usually end up taking you?

jazzs3quence: not very long. a few minutes. that’s the reason i use press this for those sorts of things.

melchoyce: Do you have a smartphone, and if so, have you ever tried to use Press This on it?

jazzs3quence: i’ve always been a really big fan of the fact that press this will grab media from whatever page i’m looking at

melchoyce: Yeah, probably one of its coolest features, IMO

jazzs3quence: i have a dumb phone and an ipod touch. the ipod has the wp ios app on it, so i don’t use press this

melchoyce: How often do you end up using the app?

jazzs3quence: the ios app? not very. but then, i don’t really use the ipod for a whole lot other than music. it’s sort of “well if I wanted to it’s there, but…”

melchoyce: Okay, cool 🙂

jazzs3quence: i find posting from a mobile device really tedious tbh
jazzs3quence: i’m not that dextrous with my thumbs 😉

melchoyce: Do you post from any other services on your ipod? Like twitter/facebook/etc.

jazzs3quence: twitter on occasion (usually because i’m afk), and I use pressgram
jazzs3quence: sometimes facebook, but i’m not a huge fb person. mostly i troll fb on the ipod if anything

melchoyce: How often do you use pressgram? Is there anything about it you really love?

jazzs3quence: i’d probably use pressgram more if i had an iphone with a data line. i use it now to just take photos. I like that it will post stuff to my blog/twitter without much hassle. basically i use it as an instagram replacement.
jazzs3quence: so the thing that i love is that the stuff is on my site instead of instagram’s

melchoyce: That’s how I use the official iOS app but it’s not super optimized for that use case, IMO

jazzs3quence: yeah
jazzs3quence: it’s okay for that
jazzs3quence: but not great

melchoyce: Yeah

jazzs3quence: i’m kind of hot/cold on pressgram. i was a kickstarter backer, so i’ve used it from the beginning

melchoyce: What’s the cold?

jazzs3quence: and i believe in the philosophy of it
jazzs3quence: eh, implementation could be better

melchoyce: What about the implementation do you struggle with?

jazzs3quence: ux is so so.
jazzs3quence: with the last update there’s weird helpful tips i can’t get rid of that cover the post area

melchoyce: Ouch

jazzs3quence: i could of course report a bug 😉

melchoyce: Haha
melchoyce: “patches welcome…”

jazzs3quence: i do like that he’s added new filters and stuff as paid extensions
jazzs3quence: but it’s not overly obvious that they are, in fact, paid extensions
jazzs3quence: so there’s that
jazzs3quence: 🙂

melchoyce: Have you bought any?

jazzs3quence: no, but i’ve thought about it
jazzs3quence: there are a couple i’m tempted to buy

melchoyce: Does it come with any base filters?

jazzs3quence: it comes with a ton of base color filters. which is great. but it’s sort of overwhelming. the first go round had only a handful, so that was a problem. then he found this library that added, i dunno, like 80 and now i feel like there’s too many
jazzs3quence: instagram they all have cute names and specific identities. these are all labeled BL05
jazzs3quence: RD03

melchoyce: That’s a lot of vague filters

jazzs3quence: yeah
jazzs3quence: but i also get that if you’re a photographer, having more would be ideal
jazzs3quence: you can get something that fits the situation
jazzs3quence: and there aren’t really other (free) ios photo apps that can easily add subtle color filters like that
jazzs3quence: i know a lot of the folks who really like pressgram are hardcore iphone-ographers, so i can respect that

melchoyce: I like that term, “iphone-ographers”