Third Interview

Mel Choyce: First of all, Press This aside, how often do you write posts?

sara cannon: maybe 120/year
sara cannon: ish
sara cannon: so not much 🙂

Mel Choyce: More than I do, haha
Mel Choyce: Maybe 1-2 a week on an average week?

sara cannon: well i’m sorta thinking about all the various places i post combined
sara cannon: more like 3/4week than two weeks off. I get into streaks

Mel Choyce: (y)
Mel Choyce: What kind of things do you write or blog about, across your various sites/blogs?

sara cannon:
1. / design & web & wordpress & professional stuff
2. / client projects, code, updates
3. / art journal of various shows I go to and artists I like
4. / personal art journal, my art process
5. / mainly just IG and Pinterest goes here, i rarely log in and actually post
6. / post beers from airports using the WP app.. haven’t in a while though
5. / posted a fruitcake recipe once (mentioned just for laughs)

Mel Choyce: <– This is amazing
Mel Choyce: So you have a lot of places you post. 🙂 On average, how long are the posts you usually write?

  • Short: 0-2 paragraphs
  • Medium: 3-5 paragraphs
  • Long: 5+ paragraphs

Or is it all over the place depending on the site?

sara cannon: short.

Mel Choyce: (y)
Mel Choyce: How often do you use Press This to write your posts?

sara cannon: long posts are rare for me. but i deal a lot with Photos. so a post might have 1 sentence but like 20 photos
sara cannon: I use press this for art often
sara cannon: when i see a work of art i like on the internet and want to share, i most often use press this

Mel Choyce: Do you end up using it for any other kinds of media, or mostly just images?

sara cannon: images mainly

Mel Choyce: How often do you find yourself changing or adding image titles, captions, etc.?

sara cannon: not often but i’m bad at that usually anyway
sara cannon: usually just sideload them in and be done. 🙂

Mel Choyce: Haha, okay
Mel Choyce: Do you add any tags or categories?

sara cannon: yes. 🙂

Mel Choyce: Both?

sara cannon: yes. specific cats, and then random slew of tags that i think up real quick off the top of my head

Mel Choyce: Do you use post formats with Press This?

sara cannon: not usually

Mel Choyce: Do you ever use Press This from your phone?
Mel Choyce: (If you have a smartphone 🙂 )
Mel Choyce: (I’m guessing you do)

sara cannon: haha i didn’t know you could!

Mel Choyce: I actually didn’t either until earlier today
Mel Choyce: I don’t think it’s very easy
Mel Choyce: Do you use the WordPress apps at all?

sara cannon: just for airport beers
sara cannon: but its been a while 🙂

Mel Choyce: So you do almost all of your posting from computer?

sara cannon: yes
sara cannon: well.. unless its instagram auto posting from ifttt
sara cannon: but that doesn’t really count 😉

Mel Choyce: Haha
Mel Choyce: Looping back a bit, what’s your process like when using Press This? Can you walk me from “oh hey I just found this thing” to “published”?

sara cannon: hit “press this” -> edit title to something unique or better -> type a bit -> sideload in images before the attribution link that was auto inserted -> type in “via” before the attribution link (and sometimes edit the link title) -> select cats -> type in tags -> hit “save draft”
sara cannon: the biggest blocker from hitting “publish” right then is the featured image

Mel Choyce: Do you always add a featured image?

sara cannon: every time 🙂
sara cannon: so i might go to in in the browser right away.. and do it then publish.. or i might forget about it then see it a week later lol