Fifth Interview

Mel Choyce: Press This aside, how often do you write posts?

Jack Reichert: I shoot for something substantial every couple of weeks.
Jack Reichert: But I was thinking that it could be very helpful as a tool for bookmarking links…
Jack Reichert: All browsers have a way to see what pages are open on other devices.. but not between browsers.
Jack Reichert: there are several browser plugins, but…
Jack Reichert: For the most part, when I want to push a link from one browser to the next, it’s about a topic I’d t as well.
Jack Reichert: I created a proof of concept plugin (not live yet) that utilizes a custom post type for this…
Jack Reichert: But I found I use it for storing ideas as well…

Mel Choyce: Seems to be a really common use case — the first person I interviewed today actually uses Press This to run a site
Mel Choyce: If you have your plugin up somewhere, we’d love to take a look

Jack Reichert: great minds 🙂
Jack Reichert: than again, fools never differ…
Jack Reichert: then*?

Mel Choyce: Aside from bookmarking, what kind of things do you write or blog about?

Jack Reichert: My trade, for the most part… I’m a coder.
Jack Reichert: I sometimes venture out of that box.
Jack Reichert: But mostly about coding.

Mel Choyce: Do you do mostly longform writing (5+ paragraphs), or shorter?

Jack Reichert: Yep, longform.
Jack Reichert: I actually am hoping to pepper my blog with shorter things. hereon out.
Jack Reichert: but only started today. 🙂
Jack Reichert: like most great plans…

Mel Choyce: Haha, yeah
Mel Choyce: How often do you use Press This to write posts?

Jack Reichert: I don’t. But it inspired that plugin I mentioned.

Mel Choyce: Ah, okay

Jack Reichert: I would love it if it could replace my evernote bookmarklet, though.
Jack Reichert: I prefer using wp to archive my ideas, than another co.

Mel Choyce: Makes sense
Mel Choyce: Press This aside again, do you ever write posts on your phone?

Jack Reichert: I did today!
Jack Reichert:
Jack Reichert: It was short.

Mel Choyce: Haha, good timing. 🙂 Did you use one of the mobile apps, or compose straight from the WordPress admin?

Jack Reichert: I used the iPad app, but had to log into the site to change the url.
Jack Reichert: …typo in the title
Jack Reichert: I’d love to hear what you have in mind…

Mel Choyce: We’re still in the very early exploration stages, but we’d like to make it super easy to use Press This on

Jack Reichert: I hear you.