Received this #feedback from someone…

Received this #feedback from someone via email:

I also wanted to mention that while Press This works more reliably than Tumblr’s bookmarklet, it is missing some functionality.

  • It would be nice if the window closed on its own within a few seconds so I don’t have to manually close it
  • I can’t schedule/queue a post from Press This, or even change the timestamp
  • Press This has no post format autodetection. It would be helpful if, when text is selected and Press This clicked, for the Quote format to be automatically selected. I would make Link the default for when nothing is selected.
  • To expand on that last point, Press This doesn’t match Tumblr’s bookmarklet in terms of offering support for media-driven like Flickr, SoundCloud, or YouTube. For instance, when you use the Tumblr bookmarklet to share an image on Flickr, Tumblr defaults to the image post format and correctly imports the image and caption. Press This doesn’t. To share an image to our microblog, I now have to download it first and then upload it to get it to display properly on our microblog, and specify the caption myself.