Interview 6

This interview was an email exchange, so it took me a little longer to run.

Mel: First off, Press This aside, how often do you write posts?

Aubrey: Personally, I write 3-4 blog posts on my site a month. I always plan to write more, but only ever attack my site when I want to write about some project I’m working on.

Mel: What kinds of topics do you write about?

Aubrey: I write a lot about WordPress, Web Development, How-to’s, and I delve into Buddhism here and there, then finally about personal stuff. Most of my site is geared around WordPress and WordPress Projects (Plugins, Themes) I am working on. (I always feel I should do more actual writing all the time!)

Mel: How long are the posts you usually write? Short: 0-2 paragraphs, Medium: 3-5 paragraphs, Long: 5+ paragraphs

Aubrey: I probably average in the 3-5 paragraph range.

Mel:How often do you use Press This to write posts?

Aubrey: I’d say, on my blog, once a month, maybe twice.

Mel:What kind of things do you use Press This for? (links, images, video, etc.)

Aubrey: I usually only use Press This when I want to share something that I see quickly on my blog. I don’t actually use it often because I feel like it could be more robust than just creating a link. It tries with select and embed codes, etc, but it doesn’t seem to nail it. But, I intend to write a new post without having to /wp-admin, etc. Usually these posts and sweet and simple, not a full written post.

Mel: Can you walk me through your process when you compose a post with Press This? From “oh hey I just found this thing” to “published”

Aubrey: I usually land on something that I want to share. I click Press This and it comes up with a link to it. I usually go back and copy a quote from the page and block quote it (because the select method doesn’t do this). Underneath I usually write something about why I like it. Then I make the link open to _blank. I categorize it, tag it, publish.

Mel: Do you find yourself sharing media in Press This despite how difficult it is?

Aubrey: Not much really. Video’s maybe, and it works okay for that.

Mel: Do you ever…
Mel: Change post formats?

Aubrey: Not really, I’m not really a fan of them.

Mel: Add tags or categories?

Aubrey: Always adding taxonomy to posts, categories and tags.

Mel: Schedule posts?

Aubrey: Rarely, but when I do it’s because I’m writing at 12am and want it to post in the morning.

Mel: Add featured images?

Aubrey: When I’m using a theme that supports it, yeah. But, I rarely use a theme that does.

Mel: Do you have a smartphone? If so, what kind? (iphone, android, windows, etc.)

Aubrey: iPhone 5S

Mel: Do you ever write posts from your phone? If so, do you post them from the WordPress iOS app, or from your phone’s mobile browser?

Aubrey: Definitely from the browser version, it works great now that it’s mobile. The iOS app is just to limiting, and even though I am a developer, editing using code isn’t optimal. But, yeah, for sure the wp-admin pulled up in Chrome on my phone.

Mel: Does your process for adding a new post on your phone end up being any different than if you wrote a post from your desktop/laptop?

Aubrey: See below. Usually forces me to write mostly text, maybe an image. I rarely use the phone interface, I usually use it more to edit current posts, maybe manage posts, etc. Not much writing.

Mel: Does the type of post you write change if you’re writing from your phone?

Aubrey: I usually am writing a smaller post, obviously, because I have to use a tiny keyboard haha. Maybe I might upload a photo from my phone, but that’s about it. I still tag, categorize, etc. I don’t usually add many images and those are usually all text for the most part.