5/14 meeting recap


We’ve decided to load Press This in as a modal instead of a new window.

Pressed images

Looking at showing a single image that you could cycle through or remove. (like Facebook, but nicer)
Adding the ability to add more images to the camera button.

Dragon drop

I’m going to do a couple mockups showing what dragging or adding images from the website to the editor might look like.

Copy pasta

We agreed that adding copy from a page via copy/paste should add it as a blockquote.


There’s a bit of a discussion on this. Composing post just for this.


I’ll do some mockups with a barebones WYSIWYG (B, I, quote, list)


I’m going to do some mockups as to how embeddables will look. This includes audio, video, and oembed.
For reference: https://codex.wordpress.org/Embeds#Okay.2C_So_What_Sites_Can_I_Embed_From.3F