Our take on a Press-This…

Our take on a Press-This rewrite as a plugin is now installable in WordPress


Please be aware that this is version 0.0.1a, implying it might eat your breakfast, and then break your site. Weโ€™re developing very rapidly, and things will be evolving quickly. Have fun testing, and donโ€™t fret the current apparent lack of features. Cheers! ๐Ÿ™‚

A sample of things to come

Old and busted: blogging a web page with a picture in WordPress, through the bundled Press This bookmarklet (7 steps, 9 if you include having to select some text for a meaningful description, and in-popup scrolling):

Upcoming new hotness: blogging the same page with a picture in WordPress, through our in-development Press This tool, in bookmarklet mode (2 steps):


Ladies and gents, we have…

Ladies and gents, we have https://wordpress.org/plugins/press-this/

  • http://plugins.trac.wordpress.org/browser/press-this/
  • http://plugins.svn.wordpress.org/press-this/

https://github.com/MichaelArestad/Press-This will remain the master for the development cycle.