A sample of things to come

Old and busted: blogging a web page with a picture in WordPress, through the bundled Press This bookmarklet (7 steps, 9 if you include having to select some text for a meaningful description, and in-popup scrolling):

Upcoming new hotness: blogging the same page with a picture in WordPress, through our in-development Press This tool, in bookmarklet mode (2 steps):


5/21 meeting recap

Overall, a pretty quick meeting. We’re getting closer.

Install user flow

I really want to look how the bookmarklet, extension, and app are installed this week.

User color scheme

We should look at pulling the user’s admin color scheme.

A/V embeds

Mockups/design needs to be addressed.

Desktop Modal

Screen Shot

  • Added minimal WYSIWYG
  • Added modal toggle button (needs a bit more iteration)
  • One image selected for featured/first image with left/right buttons to cycle through other images


5/14 meeting recap


We’ve decided to load Press This in as a modal instead of a new window.

Pressed images

Looking at showing a single image that you could cycle through or remove. (like Facebook, but nicer)
Adding the ability to add more images to the camera button.

Dragon drop

I’m going to do a couple mockups showing what dragging or adding images from the website to the editor might look like.

Copy pasta

We agreed that adding copy from a page via copy/paste should add it as a blockquote.


There’s a bit of a discussion on this. Composing post just for this.


I’ll do some mockups with a barebones WYSIWYG (B, I, quote, list)


I’m going to do some mockups as to how embeddables will look. This includes audio, video, and oembed.
For reference: https://codex.wordpress.org/Embeds#Okay.2C_So_What_Sites_Can_I_Embed_From.3F

Press This Desktop

I’ve taken into account ideas from @folletto and @stephdau in these latest set of mockups.

Post after pressing an website

Press this bookmarklet Post
* The images are arranged and sized by priority using meta-data.
* The interface colors and buttons are pulled from WordPress defaults.

Post with images selected

Press this bookmarklet Post with selected images
* After selecting images, they are inserted where the cursor was last or at the top.

Image dragging

If feasible, it would be nice to have drag and drop usage as well to add and move media around. I think it would be a nice fairly discoverable way to easily move images around on both desktop and mobile.
Press this bookmarklet Post dragged image 1
The paragraphs shift to show where the image will go.
Press this bookmarklet Post dragged image 2
Press this bookmarklet Post dragged image 3

Image Added

On release (if dragged) or insert, the image is dropped in full-width.
Press this bookmarklet Post image in added

Empty post

An empty post to show the placeholders
Press this bookmarklet Post empty

A pressed quote

Press this bookmarklet Post with quote
* This is still using markup.
* Strong and emphasis are shown.


Ladies and gents, we have…

Ladies and gents, we have https://wordpress.org/plugins/press-this/

  • http://plugins.trac.wordpress.org/browser/press-this/
  • http://plugins.svn.wordpress.org/press-this/

https://github.com/MichaelArestad/Press-This will remain the master for the development cycle.

So far so good

Our first meeting will be Wednesday (tomorrow) at 16:00 UTC in #wordpress-ui.

For those jumping in, here’s a pretty good summary of what we’ve been up to so far:

For Reference:

To do:

  • Make a darn cool plugin
  • Some research on what we can and can’t do with phones/tablets
  • Figure out a good place for users to find/install Press This
  • See if we can be ultra clever and add site-switching functionality
  • More mockups probably
  • And whatever else I’m forgetting