Interview 6

This interview was an email exchange, so it took me a little longer to run.

Mel: First off, Press This aside, how often do you write posts?

Aubrey: Personally, I write 3-4 blog posts on my site a month. I always plan to write more, but only ever attack my site when I want to write about some project I’m working on.

Mel: What kinds of topics do you write about?

Aubrey: I write a lot about WordPress, Web Development, How-to’s, and I delve into Buddhism here and there, then finally about personal stuff. Most of my site is geared around WordPress and WordPress Projects (Plugins, Themes) I am working on. (I always feel I should do more actual writing all the time!)

Mel: How long are the posts you usually write? Short: 0-2 paragraphs, Medium: 3-5 paragraphs, Long: 5+ paragraphs

Aubrey: I probably average in the 3-5 paragraph range.

Mel:How often do you use Press This to write posts?

Aubrey: I’d say, on my blog, once a month, maybe twice.

Mel:What kind of things do you use Press This for? (links, images, video, etc.)

Aubrey: I usually only use Press This when I want to share something that I see quickly on my blog. I don’t actually use it often because I feel like it could be more robust than just creating a link. It tries with select and embed codes, etc, but it doesn’t seem to nail it. But, I intend to write a new post without having to /wp-admin, etc. Usually these posts and sweet and simple, not a full written post.

Mel: Can you walk me through your process when you compose a post with Press This? From “oh hey I just found this thing” to “published”

Aubrey: I usually land on something that I want to share. I click Press This and it comes up with a link to it. I usually go back and copy a quote from the page and block quote it (because the select method doesn’t do this). Underneath I usually write something about why I like it. Then I make the link open to _blank. I categorize it, tag it, publish.

Mel: Do you find yourself sharing media in Press This despite how difficult it is?

Aubrey: Not much really. Video’s maybe, and it works okay for that.

Mel: Do you ever…
Mel: Change post formats?

Aubrey: Not really, I’m not really a fan of them.

Mel: Add tags or categories?

Aubrey: Always adding taxonomy to posts, categories and tags.

Mel: Schedule posts?

Aubrey: Rarely, but when I do it’s because I’m writing at 12am and want it to post in the morning.

Mel: Add featured images?

Aubrey: When I’m using a theme that supports it, yeah. But, I rarely use a theme that does.

Mel: Do you have a smartphone? If so, what kind? (iphone, android, windows, etc.)

Aubrey: iPhone 5S

Mel: Do you ever write posts from your phone? If so, do you post them from the WordPress iOS app, or from your phone’s mobile browser?

Aubrey: Definitely from the browser version, it works great now that it’s mobile. The iOS app is just to limiting, and even though I am a developer, editing using code isn’t optimal. But, yeah, for sure the wp-admin pulled up in Chrome on my phone.

Mel: Does your process for adding a new post on your phone end up being any different than if you wrote a post from your desktop/laptop?

Aubrey: See below. Usually forces me to write mostly text, maybe an image. I rarely use the phone interface, I usually use it more to edit current posts, maybe manage posts, etc. Not much writing.

Mel: Does the type of post you write change if you’re writing from your phone?

Aubrey: I usually am writing a smaller post, obviously, because I have to use a tiny keyboard haha. Maybe I might upload a photo from my phone, but that’s about it. I still tag, categorize, etc. I don’t usually add many images and those are usually all text for the most part.


Fifth Interview

Mel Choyce: Press This aside, how often do you write posts?

Jack Reichert: I shoot for something substantial every couple of weeks.
Jack Reichert: But I was thinking that it could be very helpful as a tool for bookmarking links…
Jack Reichert: All browsers have a way to see what pages are open on other devices.. but not between browsers.
Jack Reichert: there are several browser plugins, but…
Jack Reichert: For the most part, when I want to push a link from one browser to the next, it’s about a topic I’d t as well.
Jack Reichert: I created a proof of concept plugin (not live yet) that utilizes a custom post type for this…
Jack Reichert: But I found I use it for storing ideas as well…

Mel Choyce: Seems to be a really common use case — the first person I interviewed today actually uses Press This to run a site
Mel Choyce: If you have your plugin up somewhere, we’d love to take a look

Jack Reichert: great minds 🙂
Jack Reichert: than again, fools never differ…
Jack Reichert: then*?

Mel Choyce: Aside from bookmarking, what kind of things do you write or blog about?

Jack Reichert: My trade, for the most part… I’m a coder.
Jack Reichert: I sometimes venture out of that box.
Jack Reichert: But mostly about coding.

Mel Choyce: Do you do mostly longform writing (5+ paragraphs), or shorter?

Jack Reichert: Yep, longform.
Jack Reichert: I actually am hoping to pepper my blog with shorter things. hereon out.
Jack Reichert: but only started today. 🙂
Jack Reichert: like most great plans…

Mel Choyce: Haha, yeah
Mel Choyce: How often do you use Press This to write posts?

Jack Reichert: I don’t. But it inspired that plugin I mentioned.

Mel Choyce: Ah, okay

Jack Reichert: I would love it if it could replace my evernote bookmarklet, though.
Jack Reichert: I prefer using wp to archive my ideas, than another co.

Mel Choyce: Makes sense
Mel Choyce: Press This aside again, do you ever write posts on your phone?

Jack Reichert: I did today!
Jack Reichert:
Jack Reichert: It was short.

Mel Choyce: Haha, good timing. 🙂 Did you use one of the mobile apps, or compose straight from the WordPress admin?

Jack Reichert: I used the iPad app, but had to log into the site to change the url.
Jack Reichert: …typo in the title
Jack Reichert: I’d love to hear what you have in mind…

Mel Choyce: We’re still in the very early exploration stages, but we’d like to make it super easy to use Press This on

Jack Reichert: I hear you.


Fourth Interview

melchoyce: First of all, Press This aside, how often do you write posts?

hearvox: Past year, a couple times a month. Prev yrs, several times weekly.

melchoyce: Any reason for the change?
melchoyce: (You can also not answer that if you’d like)

hearvox: More coding than writing lately. I do public radio and we had an NPR series that required frequent promo/uptaes/new episode posts.

melchoyce: Ah, okay
melchoyce: What kind of things do you write or blog about?

hearvox: Pubmic media in general, things related to our pubmedia programs, and tech issues related to pubmedia. Also a lot of edu/pubmedia things lately.
hearvox: Should say: mainly but other sirtes too.
hearvox: “sites”

melchoyce: How long are these posts, on average? Short (0-1 paragraphs), medium (3-5) or long (5+)?

hearvox: Rarely <5 grafs, so “long” by that criteria.

melchoyce: Cool 🙂 How often do you use Press This when writing those posts?

hearvox: When I first started w/ WP (2007 vers2) I almost always used Press This for a post. But I found I needed to grab >1 URL for articles so fashioned a vers of Press This to do that. Over time I started using my vers more than WP’s. But about 1 out of 10 posts, when all I need is a single URL, and esp. when I want to use that img grabber, I still use Press This. (Plus, I show lots of other bloggers/writers how to use it.)

melchoyce: Can you talk to me a bit more about your customized version of Press This?
melchoyce: Specifically, what’s your process look like using your version, vs. the original Press This?

hearvox: It’s mainly just the form from Press This with the basic grab: URL/selection functions. And it’s based on an ancient vers of Press This. It’s
hearvox: And I just make a bookmark in my browser with:
hearvox: javascript:var%20d=document,w=window,e=w.getSelection,k=d.getSelection,x=d.selection,s=(e?e():(k)?k():(x?x.createRange().text:0)),f=’’,l=d.location,e=encodeURIComponent,u=f+’?u=’+e(l.href)+’&t=’+e(d.title)+’&s=’+e(s)+’&v=4′;a=function()%7Bif(!,’t’,’toolbar=0,resizable=1,scrollbars=1,status=1,width=720,height=570′))l.href=u;%7D;if%20(/Firefox/.test(navigator.userAgent))%20a();void(0)
hearvox: The main diff is, unlike Press This, it launches a new window when used again, vs replacing the contents of current win, as PT does. Thus I can grab multiple URLs easier.

melchoyce: So it keeps launching the same post until you publish?

hearvox: None of the publishing functions are in my vers. Just PT URL/selection/HTML-anchor-forming tools — which I just copy&paste into the already open draft of post as I build article. (Is that clear at all?)
hearvox: Ie, it’s just a URL/HTML-building tool, lifted from how PT did it.
hearvox: But if PT could accept mulitple URLs before publishing, I’d use that instead.

melchoyce: I think I understand

hearvox: Ie, it’s the rare artcile that needs just one URL for us.

melchoyce: Do you have an example of one of those offhand?

hearvox: A typical post for us has many URLs, all which need to be in HTML:

melchoyce: Cool, thanks


melchoyce: So you use it for media embeds as well as links?

hearvox: I savce the links to media in the textarea along with the HTML link and any slected quotes, as I build the article. Then when thru w/ that URL I copy the textarea text into the draft post and move onto any other URL from which I need URL, media, img, quote, etc. Kind of hacky, but quick way to build links to media and URLs.

melchoyce: How long does that usually end up taking you?

hearvox: The URL/selection grabbing process is really quick. Its PT w/o any of the pub/img tools, so happens fast.
hearvox: But, again, if PT had an “Add another URL” option, dat’d be da bomb.

melchoyce: Do you ever try to do any of this from a smartphone?

hearvox: And — to get totally crazy — say it also had WP new media prevu embed players: whoa.

melchoyce: 🙂

hearvox: No, never from smartphone. Always desktop or laptop.

melchoyce: That would definitely be one of our goals — trying to get it up to date with the rest of WordPress
melchoyce: Do you do any blogging from your phone, or use the WordPress mobile apps?

hearvox: Rarely blog from phone or pad, tho I have checked out both the app and the web-mobile vers of WP and they’re really slick. Never used PT from either phone or pad tho.


Third Interview

Mel Choyce: First of all, Press This aside, how often do you write posts?

sara cannon: maybe 120/year
sara cannon: ish
sara cannon: so not much 🙂

Mel Choyce: More than I do, haha
Mel Choyce: Maybe 1-2 a week on an average week?

sara cannon: well i’m sorta thinking about all the various places i post combined
sara cannon: more like 3/4week than two weeks off. I get into streaks

Mel Choyce: (y)
Mel Choyce: What kind of things do you write or blog about, across your various sites/blogs?

sara cannon:
1. / design & web & wordpress & professional stuff
2. / client projects, code, updates
3. / art journal of various shows I go to and artists I like
4. / personal art journal, my art process
5. / mainly just IG and Pinterest goes here, i rarely log in and actually post
6. / post beers from airports using the WP app.. haven’t in a while though
5. / posted a fruitcake recipe once (mentioned just for laughs)

Mel Choyce: <– This is amazing
Mel Choyce: So you have a lot of places you post. 🙂 On average, how long are the posts you usually write?

  • Short: 0-2 paragraphs
  • Medium: 3-5 paragraphs
  • Long: 5+ paragraphs

Or is it all over the place depending on the site?

sara cannon: short.

Mel Choyce: (y)
Mel Choyce: How often do you use Press This to write your posts?

sara cannon: long posts are rare for me. but i deal a lot with Photos. so a post might have 1 sentence but like 20 photos
sara cannon: I use press this for art often
sara cannon: when i see a work of art i like on the internet and want to share, i most often use press this

Mel Choyce: Do you end up using it for any other kinds of media, or mostly just images?

sara cannon: images mainly

Mel Choyce: How often do you find yourself changing or adding image titles, captions, etc.?

sara cannon: not often but i’m bad at that usually anyway
sara cannon: usually just sideload them in and be done. 🙂

Mel Choyce: Haha, okay
Mel Choyce: Do you add any tags or categories?

sara cannon: yes. 🙂

Mel Choyce: Both?

sara cannon: yes. specific cats, and then random slew of tags that i think up real quick off the top of my head

Mel Choyce: Do you use post formats with Press This?

sara cannon: not usually

Mel Choyce: Do you ever use Press This from your phone?
Mel Choyce: (If you have a smartphone 🙂 )
Mel Choyce: (I’m guessing you do)

sara cannon: haha i didn’t know you could!

Mel Choyce: I actually didn’t either until earlier today
Mel Choyce: I don’t think it’s very easy
Mel Choyce: Do you use the WordPress apps at all?

sara cannon: just for airport beers
sara cannon: but its been a while 🙂

Mel Choyce: So you do almost all of your posting from computer?

sara cannon: yes
sara cannon: well.. unless its instagram auto posting from ifttt
sara cannon: but that doesn’t really count 😉

Mel Choyce: Haha
Mel Choyce: Looping back a bit, what’s your process like when using Press This? Can you walk me from “oh hey I just found this thing” to “published”?

sara cannon: hit “press this” -> edit title to something unique or better -> type a bit -> sideload in images before the attribution link that was auto inserted -> type in “via” before the attribution link (and sometimes edit the link title) -> select cats -> type in tags -> hit “save draft”
sara cannon: the biggest blocker from hitting “publish” right then is the featured image

Mel Choyce: Do you always add a featured image?

sara cannon: every time 🙂
sara cannon: so i might go to in in the browser right away.. and do it then publish.. or i might forget about it then see it a week later lol


Second Interview

melchoyce: First off, Press This aside, how often do you write posts?

jazzs3quence: prolly every couple weeks

melchoyce: What kinds of things do you write or blog about?

jazzs3quence: i write about geeky stuff, i write about plugins/projects i’m working on. i have another site on wpcom where i write about soccer and another nother site where i write exclusively about music (though not very often)

melchoyce: Nice. 🙂 Are your posts usually shorter (0-2 paragraphs), medium (3-5 paragraphs), or longer (5+ paragraphs)?

jazzs3quence: longer
jazzs3quence: hence writing less frequently 🙂

melchoyce: Haha yeah
melchoyce: Hard to write frequently when you end up writing a lot at once
melchoyce: How often do you use Press This to write your posts?
melchoyce: (or even just start posts)

jazzs3quence: often enough that i can say that i use it, but it’s probably one in every five posts or so

melchoyce: What kind of things do you use Press This for? (links, images, video, etc.)

jazzs3quence: all three of those
jazzs3quence: not really much else
jazzs3quence: usually just to share stuff i come across
jazzs3quence: so, mostly for post-format-worthy stuff

melchoyce: Can you walk me through your process when you compose a post with Press This? From “oh hey I just found this thing” to “published”

jazzs3quence: okay, well there’s two scenarios that are probably the most frequent…
jazzs3quence: scenario a) i’ve found an image on some site that i want to share
jazzs3quence: “hey, i want to post that on my site”, hit press this, go into the add media tool thingie, find the image from the page that’s the one I want to share, insert, maybe write a few sentences about it. slap a category/tags on it, set the post format to image and publish.
jazzs3quence: scenario b) I found a link/quote/article I want to share
jazzs3quence: hit press this. If it’s a link it’s already there, but usually I’ll change the link text and the title from what press this sets (actually, i do that for images, too…missing step). Maybe write a little bit about it, but probably not much. apply cats, tags, post format, publish.

melchoyce: How long does that usually end up taking you?

jazzs3quence: not very long. a few minutes. that’s the reason i use press this for those sorts of things.

melchoyce: Do you have a smartphone, and if so, have you ever tried to use Press This on it?

jazzs3quence: i’ve always been a really big fan of the fact that press this will grab media from whatever page i’m looking at

melchoyce: Yeah, probably one of its coolest features, IMO

jazzs3quence: i have a dumb phone and an ipod touch. the ipod has the wp ios app on it, so i don’t use press this

melchoyce: How often do you end up using the app?

jazzs3quence: the ios app? not very. but then, i don’t really use the ipod for a whole lot other than music. it’s sort of “well if I wanted to it’s there, but…”

melchoyce: Okay, cool 🙂

jazzs3quence: i find posting from a mobile device really tedious tbh
jazzs3quence: i’m not that dextrous with my thumbs 😉

melchoyce: Do you post from any other services on your ipod? Like twitter/facebook/etc.

jazzs3quence: twitter on occasion (usually because i’m afk), and I use pressgram
jazzs3quence: sometimes facebook, but i’m not a huge fb person. mostly i troll fb on the ipod if anything

melchoyce: How often do you use pressgram? Is there anything about it you really love?

jazzs3quence: i’d probably use pressgram more if i had an iphone with a data line. i use it now to just take photos. I like that it will post stuff to my blog/twitter without much hassle. basically i use it as an instagram replacement.
jazzs3quence: so the thing that i love is that the stuff is on my site instead of instagram’s

melchoyce: That’s how I use the official iOS app but it’s not super optimized for that use case, IMO

jazzs3quence: yeah
jazzs3quence: it’s okay for that
jazzs3quence: but not great

melchoyce: Yeah

jazzs3quence: i’m kind of hot/cold on pressgram. i was a kickstarter backer, so i’ve used it from the beginning

melchoyce: What’s the cold?

jazzs3quence: and i believe in the philosophy of it
jazzs3quence: eh, implementation could be better

melchoyce: What about the implementation do you struggle with?

jazzs3quence: ux is so so.
jazzs3quence: with the last update there’s weird helpful tips i can’t get rid of that cover the post area

melchoyce: Ouch

jazzs3quence: i could of course report a bug 😉

melchoyce: Haha
melchoyce: “patches welcome…”

jazzs3quence: i do like that he’s added new filters and stuff as paid extensions
jazzs3quence: but it’s not overly obvious that they are, in fact, paid extensions
jazzs3quence: so there’s that
jazzs3quence: 🙂

melchoyce: Have you bought any?

jazzs3quence: no, but i’ve thought about it
jazzs3quence: there are a couple i’m tempted to buy

melchoyce: Does it come with any base filters?

jazzs3quence: it comes with a ton of base color filters. which is great. but it’s sort of overwhelming. the first go round had only a handful, so that was a problem. then he found this library that added, i dunno, like 80 and now i feel like there’s too many
jazzs3quence: instagram they all have cute names and specific identities. these are all labeled BL05
jazzs3quence: RD03

melchoyce: That’s a lot of vague filters

jazzs3quence: yeah
jazzs3quence: but i also get that if you’re a photographer, having more would be ideal
jazzs3quence: you can get something that fits the situation
jazzs3quence: and there aren’t really other (free) ios photo apps that can easily add subtle color filters like that
jazzs3quence: i know a lot of the folks who really like pressgram are hardcore iphone-ographers, so i can respect that

melchoyce: I like that term, “iphone-ographers”


First Interview

melchoyce: First — in general, how often do you write new posts?

saltcod: I’m probably a different use-case for PressThis. I use it on this bookmarking site
saltcod: Some days I don’t create any bookmarks, some days I’ll create 20. So I use it a far bit

melchoyce: Oh, cool — kind of like a person replacement for delicious?

saltcod: Exactly. That’s when I started it

melchoyce: Nice. And you use Press This exclusively for that?

saltcod: yeah. That’s the only way I’ve created a post on that site

melchoyce: Is it just links, or do you ever include any kind of media?

saltcod: Just links

melchoyce: Can you walk me through your process of adding a link to that site? From “oh hey I just found this thing” to “published”

saltcod: [ Here’s the theme if you’re interested….. ]
saltcod: I’ve got the bookmarklet in that bar in chrome, and so when I want to bookmark the site I’m on, I’ll click that, tag it and I’m done

melchoyce: How long does that usually take you?

saltcod: It’s a different use case for sure. That probaly takes me 5 seconds maybe?

melchoyce: Nice 🙂 Do you ever add anything other than tags? (categories, etc.)

saltcod: Interestingly, I use it daily for bookmarks, but have never ever used it for any of my other sites
saltcod: Just the tags for this site

melchoyce: Do you always publish it immediately, or do you ever schedule or save as a draft and publish later?

saltcod: Immediately

melchoyce: Cool
melchoyce: Do you have a smartphone, and if yes, do you ever use it to add links to this site?

saltcod: Does anyone actually use it for publishing?

melchoyce: I’m not if anyone uses it for longform

saltcod: I tried to use it for bookmarking on my iPhone, but it was too clunky
saltcod: The Add To Reading list was just more convenient so it won out

melchoyce: But I’ve learned never to exclude anything someone *might* do, because there’s always one person, haha

saltcod: true true true

melchoyce: Add to reading list?

saltcod: In mobile Safari — it’s hooked up to all the apps

melchoyce: Ah, okay

saltcod: in twitter or HN or whatever, I can always add to reading list
saltcod: then I’ll comb through those later
saltcod: I’d love to be able to easily make bookmarks through pressthis on my phone though

melchoyce: What was the process like, trying to use Press This on your phone? (If you remember)

saltcod: I don’t actually. But I remember trying to use that, and then trying to use the app, but neither was convenient enough

melchoyce: Cool cool
melchoyce: That’s all the questions I have. Thanks! 🙂

saltcod: done and done!