Press This in-person meeting summary 10/28/2014

  • We’re going to integrate the media modal
    ** We will make smart decisions on how much to show and what pane to show on the modal (if a site is pressed, default to a “tab” showing the images from the site)
  • We’re going to make it easier to add to bookmarks from a phone
  • Looking into custom keyboard characters to make those using markdown to use it with less effort
  • We’re going to add two tinyMCE buttons to the mobile layout: Link and Quote.
  • We’re going to look into browser extensions for mobile.

I’m sure I’m missing a few things. Feel free to add on.

Mobile Press This

Per this week’s meeting, I’m looking at swipe/touch actions within Press This. Before I dive too deep into it, I wanted to confirm that the Press This bookmarklet doesn’t work on mobile. I wasn’t able to get it to save to my bookmarks in either Android/Chrome (latest/latest) or iOS 8 Safari.

Clicking the existing bookmark (from syncing with my desktop) on Android did nothing.

Did I overlook someway to add this or are the touch events for people who directly bookmark /wp-admin/press-this.php ?